ProScope HR Microscope Live on the Web

Press Release: Bodelin ProScope ™ HR Microscope Live on the Web
Lake Oswego Oregon February 3rd 2009, Bodelin Technologies, manufacturer of ProScope HR, the worlds first handheld USB2 digital microscope, have pushed digital microscopy to provide live real time imaging over the Web.

One of the most popular VOIP, computer telephony services is Skype™ which recognizes UVC plug and play devices like most webcams. Bodelin adopted UVC as a standard with their ProScope HR because it uses the native driver in the later versions of Microsoft and Apple operating systems. “Having a product that didn’t require often problematic and corruptible drivers was very important in making sure our customers would have out of the box operation even without software.” said Clay Baker General Manager of Bodelin Technologies. “The added benefit we discovered is that Skype™ and Apple iChat recognizes UVC devices. A customer can simply plug in their ProScope HR while in a live web chat and show, the person on the other end, real time magnified images at almost any magnification.”

Bodelin soon discovered that many of their manufacturing quality control customers would use ProScope HRs during live Skype™ or Apple iChat conferences to show engineers in remote facilities, product defects. Law enforcement and military share real time imaging of fingerprints and other crime scene evidence to a lab in another part of the world. Archaeological labs work with colleagues in the field and can collaborate and share discoveries as they happen. Telemedicine practitioners can view slides anywhere the world at the moment the slide goes under the ProScope HR.

The ProScope HR connects to the USB2 port of almost any laptop or desktop computer and allows the user to view almost any surface at magnifications up to 1000X. Starting at $349 the ProScope HR comes with Windows and Mac software to capture stills, video and time lapse yet, as a UVC plug and play device, can be operated without software. The ProScope HR is made in Lake Oswego Oregon is lead free and has been a mainstay of science education, law enforcement and manufacturing quality control since 2001.

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