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ProScope has been the leader in digital microscopy for the classroom since 2001

The ProScope took analog microscopy into the digital age in 2001 and is in use in hundreds of thousands of classrooms worldwide. LEAD FREE, UVC Plug and Play technology, included software for capture of stills, video and time lapse plus 4 types of optional measurement and analysis software. Made in Oregon with the highest quality standards for safety and durability.

Look below for free downloadable national standard curriculum and ask for a free in-classroom live video demo for teachers and their students.

ProScope Case Study:

Professor MacGregor Kniseley, Professor at Rhode Island College, conducted a case study with elementary teachers representing all grade levels, Kindergarten through Grade 5.

After a three-hour training, participants piloted ProScopes in their classrooms. They provided suggestions for using ProScopes in elementary classrooms and feedback about the benefits, challenges, and impact of training and materials.

View the Case Study report: CaseStudyReport. You can contact Professor Kniseley at

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