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ProScope Micro Mobile for iPad (3rd/4th gen)
Our ProScope Micro Mobile microscope attachment turns your Apple iPad 3rd and Apple iPad 4th gen into a high-powered microscope.

Lens Options
Digital Zoom Magnification Range of 20x to 80x
Precision glass optics for sharp image detail and accurate color reproduction

Buttons and Switches
Light Switch A/B
A: 6 LEDs
B: 6 LEDs
Rocker Switch
Increases/Decreases LED intensity
Rocker Switch – Center Button
Turns LEDs and charging circuit ON/OFF

12 White LEDs
6 illuminated in A switch position
6 illuminated in B switch position (for use with optional polarizing filter)

Indicator LED
Indicates battery charge status
While Charging:
<20% = Blinking Red
<50% = Blinking Yellow
<99% = Blinking Green
100% = Solid Green
While operating:
<20% = Solid Red
<50% = Solid Yellow
<=100% = Solid Green

USB MiniB (F)
For connecting USB cable to charge internal battery

Rechargeable Internal Lithium-ion Polymer Battery – 3.7v 340mAh
Continuous operation at full LED intensity, approx 5 hours
Typical use operation, several days
Charging time from depleted state to full charge, approx 2 hours
MiniB (M) to USB A (M) USB cable
Powers LEDs when battery has no charge
Charges Battery from standard computer USB port or charger with USB 5-volt port

– 20X to 80X magnification via Edmund pro level glass optics (specially coated lenses for better image quality and color reproduction).
Adjustable LEDs to reduce surface reflection and powered by a sleek on-board Lithium Ion battery for 5 hours of continuous use.
USB charging cable to recharge to full capacity in 2 hours.
Built in desktop stand for hands free use.
Made with impact resistant nylon and ABS for years of field operation.
1 year warranty.
Made in Oregon, USA.


iPad 3rd gen

Model Number
Order Number
MC705LL/A (16 GB Black) MD328LL/A (16 GB White) MC706LL/A (32 GB Black) MD329LL/A (32 GB White) MC707LL/A (64 GB Black) MD330LL/A (64 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
MD366LL/A (16 GB Black) MD369LL/A (16 GB White) MD367LL/A (32 GB Black) MD370LL/A (32 GB White) MD368LL/A (64 GB Black) MD371LL/A (64 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
MC733LL/A (16 GB Black) MD363LL/A (16 GB White) MC744LL/A (32 GB Black) MD364LL/A (32 GB White) MC756LL/A (64 GB Black) MD365LL/A (64 GB White)

iPad 4th gen

Model Number
Order Number
MD510LL/A (16 GB Black) MD513LL/A (16 GB White) MD511LL/A (32 GB Black) MD514LL/A (32 GB White) MD512LL/A (64 GB Black) MD515LL/A (64 GB White) ME392LL/A (128 GB Black) ME393LL/A (128 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
MD516LL/A (16 GB Black) MD519LL/A (16 GB White) MD517LL/A (32 GB Black) MD520LL/A (32 GB White) MD518LL/A (64 GB Black) MD521LL/A (64 GB White) ME400LL/A (128 GB Black) ME401LL/A (128 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
ME195LL/A (16 GB Black Sprint) MD522LL/A (16 GB Black Verizon) ME196LL/A (32 GB Black Sprint) MD523LL/A (32 GB Black Verizon) ME197LL/A (64 GB Black Sprint) MD524LL/A (64 GB Black Verizon) ME410LL/A (128 GB Black Sprint) ME406LL/A (128 GB Black Verizon) ME198LL/A (16 GB White Sprint) MD525LL/A (16 GB White Verizon) ME199LL/A (32 GB White Sprint) MD526LL/A (32 GB White Verizon) ME200LL/A (64 GB White Sprint) MD527LL/A (64 GB White Verizon) ME411LL/A (128 GB White Sprint) ME407LL/A (128 GB White Verizon)

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9.25 × 3.25 in

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