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ProScope Micro Mobile for iPad Mini (1st gen), Mini 2, Mini 3
Our ProScope Micro Mobile microscope attachment turns your Apple iPad Mini, Mini 2, and Mini 3 into a high-powered microscope.

Note – does not work with iPad Mini 4.

Lens Options
Digital Zoom Magnification Range of 20x to 80x
Precision glass optics for sharp image detail and accurate color reproduction

Buttons and Switches
Light Switch A/B
A: 6 LEDs
B: 6 LEDs
Rocker Switch
Increases/Decreases LED intensity
Rocker Switch – Center Button
Turns LEDs and charging circuit ON/OFF

12 White LEDs
6 illuminated in A switch position
6 illuminated in B switch position (for use with optional polarizing filter)

Indicator LED
Indicates battery charge status
While Charging:
<20% = Blinking Red
<50% = Blinking Yellow
<99% = Blinking Green
100% = Solid Green
While operating:
<20% = Solid Red
<50% = Solid Yellow
<=100% = Solid Green

USB MiniB (F)
For connecting USB cable to charge internal battery

Rechargeable Internal Lithium-ion Polymer Battery – 3.7v 340mAh
Continuous operation at full LED intensity, approx 5 hours
Typical use operation, several days
Charging time from depleted state to full charge, approx 2 hours
MiniB (M) to USB A (M) USB cable
Powers LEDs when battery has no charge
Charges Battery from standard computer USB port or charger with USB 5-volt port

– 20X to 80X magnification via Edmund pro level glass optics (specially coated lenses for better image quality and color reproduction).
Adjustable LEDs to reduce surface reflection and powered by a sleek on-board Lithium Ion battery for 5 hours of continuous use.
USB charging cable to recharge to full capacity in 2 hours.
Built in desktop stand for hands free use.
Made with impact resistant nylon and ABS for years of field operation.
1 year warranty.
Made in Oregon, USA.


iPad mini 1st gen

Model Number
Order Number
MD528LL/A (16 GB Black) MD531LL/A (16 GB White) MF432LL/A (16 GB Space Gray) MD529LL/A (32 GB Black) MD532LL/A (32 GB White) MD530LL/A (64 GB Black) MD533LL/A (64 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
MD534LL/A (16 GB Black) MD537LL/A (16 GB White) MF442LL/A (16 GB Space Gray) MD535LL/A (32 GB Black) MD538LL/A (32 GB White) MD536LL/A (64 GB Black) MD539LL/A (64 GB White)

Model Number
Order Number
ME215LL/A (16 GB Black Sprint) MD540LL/A (16 GB Black Verizon) MF453LL/A (16 GB Space Gray Sprint) MF450LL/A (16 GB Space Gray Verizon) ME216LL/A (32 GB Black Sprint) MD541LL/A (32 GB Black Verizon) ME217LL/A (64 GB Black Sprint) MD542LL/A (64 GB Black Verizon) ME218LL/A (16 GB White Sprint) MD543LL/A (16 GB White Verizon) ME219LL/A (32 GB White Sprint) MD544LL/A (32 GB White Verizon) ME220LL/A (64 GB White Sprint) MD545LL/A (64 GB White Verizon)

iPad mini 2

Model Number
Order Number
ME276LL/A (16 GB Space Gray), ME277LL/A (32 GB Space Gray), ME278LL/A (64 GB Space Gray), ME856LL/A (128 GB Space Gray), ME279LL/A (16 GB Silver), ME280LL/A (32 GB Silver), ME281LL/A (64 GB Silver), ME860LL/A (128 GB Silver)

Model Number
A1490 (Worldwide), A1491 (China)

iPad mini 3

Model Number
Order Number
MGNR2LL/A (16 GB Space Gray), MMGGQ2LL/A (64 GB Space Gray), MGP32LL/A (128 GB Space Gray), MGNV2LL/A (16 GB Silver), MGGT2LL/A (64 GB Silver), MGP42LL/A (128 GB Silver), MGYE2LL/A (16 GB Gold), MGY92LL/A (64 GB Gold), MGYK2LL/A (128 GB Gold)

Model Number
A1600 (Worldwide), A1601 (China)
Order Number
MH3E2LL/A (16 GB Space Gray), MH372LL/A (64 GB Space Gray), MH3L2LL/A (128 GB Space Gray), MH3F2LL/A (16 GB Silver), MH382LL/A (64 GB Silver), MH3M2LL/A (128 GB Silver), MH3G2LL/A (16 GB Gold), MH392LL/A (64 GB Gold), MH3N2LL/A (128 GB Gold)

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9.25 × 3.25 in

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