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“…an amazing device highly recommended…”
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“Rather than squinting through a microscope eyepiece, students can view an image together.”
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“The ProScope is a valuable educational tool that belongs in every school science class and lab.”

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The Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile is a totally unique accessory for taking high quality microphotographs with your favorite iOS devices. Whether you’re in a quality control lab, a crime scene investigator, or just want to take some cool pictures of highly magnified things, the ProScope Micro Mobile is an affordable solution.


  • Works with the iOS device you already own through available sleeves
  • 20X – 80X magnification provides sufficient range for a variety of microphotographs
  • Price is quite reasonable for a high-quality piece of equipment
  • Adjustable LED lighting makes it possible to capture the image you want without over or underexposure
  • Battery life for the LED lights is exceptional


  • None to speak of
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“The flexibility to view any object opens up many possibilities and applications for the ProScope.”