Law Enforcement and CSI


The Law Enforcement Professional’s digital microscope

Since 2001 law enforcement investigations worldwide have relied on a ProScope on scene, in the Lab and on the witness stand. The range of uses is almost limitless and the quality is simply the best American made digital microscopy for the law enforcement professional.

Used by Law Enforcement for:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Ballistics examination
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Narcotics
  • Crime Scene and Lab
  • Blood Spatter
  • Autopsy
  • Interrogation Tool
  • Court Room Presentations
  • Iris and Dental Identification
  • Explosives and Fire Investigations


On the Scene

The first Wireless Digital microscope. The ProScope Mobile creates it’s own Static IP network to display and capture microscopic images on all Apple IOS devices. Imagine a classroom or lecture hall filled with iPads and iPhones all seeing the same live image simultaneously.


In the Lab

The ProScope can be attached to your existing microscope or telescope with our c-mount or lens tube adapters. Your expensive analog optics are now digital and the entire investigation team can view real time images and capture them to your computer desktop.


 In the Courtroom

There is no greater drama in the courtroom than presenting physical evidence at high magnification. One Prosecuting attorney uses The ProScope to image defendants fingerprints at 100X so that there is no mistake as to the match from the prints taken at the crime scene. At 100x you can watch the perspiration come out of the pores on the fingers.


frank_abagnale Forensic

In my 34 years as a secure document consultant, I have not seen a better tool than the ProScope. This is not only an excellent and highly recommended forensic device for law enforcement, but should be a must for the TSA, financial institutions, check cashers, and anyone who is trying to verify the authenticity of passports, drivers licenses, car titles, currency, controlled narcotic prescriptions and many other secure documents. This product has my full endorsement and I highly recommend it.

Frank W. Abagnale


Since acquiring the ProScope I’ve had nothing but great results. It is like utilizing a small portable lab with an excellent microscope projected on my laptop screen. I can take all the photos I need and instantly download and email them. This is a very special crime scene tool that I recommend to all crime scene personnel working in the lab or in the field. I’ve even used it in lectures to demonstrate its value in seeing what the eye cannot. It is worth the investment.

Rod Englert

Forensic Consultant, Portland, Oregon


I immediately purchased the ProScope based on a colleague’s recommendation and have been completely satisfied with both performance in the field and the excellent results of the high resolution images. ProScope’s support is there when and if you need it. I was very happy with the quick response the only time I needed support for the initial setup. Previously I have been using a microscope that was bulky and less than satisfactory for use in the field with low resolution images. I recommend ProScope to all my colleagues who want an instrument that will meet their needs both in the field and the laboratory.

Norman Reeves

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst, 25 Year Police Detective Veteran


Having purchased a ProScope two years ago, I find the unit a must in our crime scene kit. My duties as the County Coroner play a greater role in using the ProScope as it is our primary tool on the Autopsy table. Gun Powder residue, hair and fiber samples are easy to find with the scope and add that extra step in conducting a professional examination. I would recommend the product to any one in the Medical/Legal Investigation Field!

Sheriff/Coroner Jim Dupont

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, Kalispell, Montana


I am really enjoying your device…it has helped me in several forensic handwriting cases and I am getting better with it every day.

Richard Orsini

Forensic Document Examiner,

PS-EDU-100_macbook_pcb Forensic
proscope-edu-logo-223x300 Forensic
PMM-IPAIR2K Forensic
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