Handheld Digital Microscopes

Handheld microscopes are smaller, mobile scopes that work in a similar manner as the traditional microscopes. Their compact size makes them highly mobile and can be taken around with you easily.   These microscopes have a high-quality CMOS sensor for capturing photos and videos of your discoveries. 


The ProScope HR series are USB Video Class devices that are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.  The included ProScope Capture software for Windows features advanced calibration, measurement, comparison and annotation capabilities.  The ProScope HR series is perfect for science education, industrial applications, and hair/skin/scalp consultations.


The ProScope T1 series are WiFi devices that are compatible with iOS and Android SmartPhones and tablets.  The included Micro Find app, with capture and compare functionality, makes it a perfect choice for trichology and dermatology applications and is a popular choice for hair/skin/scalp consultations.