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Limitless Mobile Microscopy

From an exam room in the city to a remote mountain village, A ProScope is there with immediate microscopic results shareable with colleagues and patients anywhere in the world. Dermatology, Iridology, Dental Arts, viewing slides, closer examination of x-rays, hair replacement, postmortem examination, ENT and much much more.

Dermatology with your iPhone or iPad


ProScopes have been working in Dermatology since 2002 but now the new ProScope Micro Mobile for iPad and iPhone take Dermatology and skin care examination to a new level. The ProScope Micro Mobile professional microscope lens acts as a magnified relay to the excellent HD camera lens that comes with your IOS device.

I’ve found the ProScope Micro Mobile to be easy to use and works seamlessly with the iPhone®. I’ve been able to produce numerous high quality photos of varying magnifications with the PMM. Very good battery life as well.

– Dr. William Stebbins, board-certified Dermatologist

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